Apple’s obstacle to third party Tesla application!


The third-party Tesla app that enables Tesla car owners to manage their vehicles via Apple Watch faces a hurdle. The application did not get its new update due to abuse of third-party APIs. Apple’s decision raised questions after the problem with Epic Games.

Update decision for third party Tesla app

Watch App for Tesla, an application independent of Tesla, is developed by a software developer named Kim Hansen. The application converts Apple Watch watches into remote controls through a unique API. The application, which has been on the App Store for more than three months, has not encountered any obstacles for its updates so far, but the latest update of the application has not been approved by Apple.

üçüncü parti tesla uygulaması

In its simplest definition, API is a system that enables data exchange between different software. There are some rules that developers who create their own API must follow. Apple’s e-mail to the developer clearly states that the application cannot be updated without written approval from Tesla.

According to developer Kim Hansen, this warning is false and is a start to the end of apps that use third-party APIs. If we look at this decision made by Apple, it is necessary to obtain approval from the aforementioned company for the use of third-party APIs. This is not possible, as Tesla does not have an official API.

Kim Hansen seeks help from other app developers and Tesla owners to resolve this issue.

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