Apple’s new WatchOS 7 includes a hand-washing mode


This is one of the weirdest announcements we saw at Apple’s virtual keynote address for Apple’s WWDC remake last June. Finally we have, thanks to the update of the watch’s operating system, a watchOS 7, which can only be installed after updating the iPhone to iOS 14.

And with the advent of the pandemic, we have to incorporate many habits into our daily work, so that what was previously completely unknown to us has now become routine: masks, safety distances, hydroalcoholic gels. Of course, wash your hands frequently, especially when you are in and out of your home, office, classroom, etc.

That’s why Apple hopes to remind us of this through the Apple Watch, suggesting that we take a few seconds to achieve a complete and safe disinfection, rather than resorting to Boris Johnson’s method of asking citizens to help us master this.

In addition to the countdown, the “hand washing” mode has a more interesting element: when we return home, or to any place of interest (office, school) marked on our Apple ID, the clock will remind us. Avoid washing your hands before touching any object or place in your home, in case you may touch an infected surface.

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