Apple’s New Tracking Device AirTags Alert Sounds Appear (Video)


A video with various warning sounds of Apple’s tracking device AirTags, which is expected to be released soon, has been released. The alert tone is sent to indicate that an AirTags is nearby.

A person who claims that he has all the audio files prepared for the device while talking about Apple’s AirTags accessory will be released soon, shared a video from his Twitter account. Although the audio files have different names, the purpose of one is clearly understood. As it is understood from the title, the notification sound; will sound when an AirTags are found nearby.

AirTags is being developed for Apple users to find their lost devices. It is known that the tracking devices will be integrated into the ‘Find’ interface. It is not yet known what size these devices will be or will they also use GPS.

Here is the video with the warning sounds of AirTags:

The video contains a number of audio files. The files appear to have an ‘.caf’ or ‘.ahap’ extension. The purpose of Core Audio Format developed by Apple; ensuring that multiple sounds or sound types are stored together. The ‘.ahap’ extension means ‘Apple Haptic and Audio Pattern’ file format. The use of these formats suggested that AirTags can provide tactile feedback as well as using sounds.

The presence of AirTags previously appeared in one of Apple’s own support videos, and it is possible that Apple will introduce new accessories on the WWDC20. Meanwhile, Tile, the developer of a similar system with AirTags, asked the European Union to investigate whether Apple violated unfair competition to develop AirTags.

AirTags isn’t the only project US-based technology giant Apple is working on. The news that the company has developed a smart glasses based on augmented reality (AR) technology has been busy for some time now. According to the claims made today, the company in Cupertinolu has patented a technology that allows AR glasses to automatically adjust the sharpness for the eyes of people who use numbered lenses.

One of the biggest problems of wearable devices like smart glasses, which Google previously tried but failed, was that it could not appeal to users who had to wear glasses or lenses. On the other hand, given that people use glasses as an accessory, it is almost impossible for a company to develop a smart glasses that will satisfy everyone, but those who are curious can browse our news for the details of the glasses.


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