Apple’s Mysterious Product Revealed [Video]


A mysterious product from Apple has surfaced via 9to5Mac. A shared video suggests Apple may be developing a product similar to a wireless charger. In addition, this mysterious product supports a claim about the iPhone 12.

About 2 years ago, it was claimed that the US-based technology giant Apple developed a wireless charger. The product, which was said to be called “AirPower” at that time, disappeared for an unknown reason. However, some images that emerged today suggest that Apple is developing a new wireless charger. Moreover, the general structure of the product supports a claim about the iPhone 12 series.

The 9to5Mac team shared a video of a very small device. The product in the shared video looks like it belongs to a wireless charger. However, the product in question may also be a kit designed by Apple for developers. It is not possible to know this for now, but it seems Apple is working on something new.

This is what the video shared product looks like

In a news we shared with you in the past, we mentioned that the back of the iPhone 12 series has a ring-shaped magnet section. Allegedly, this section would provide the iPhone 12’s wireless charging feature, and Apple would even design cases for it. The video coming today suggests that these claims may be true. Because the video shared product seems to have similar dimensions to the circular structure behind the iPhone 12 series.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an experienced Apple analyst, claimed in a statement earlier this year that Apple is working on a new mini wireless charger. According to Kuo’s statements, this product was called “AirPower Mini”. Here, the product whose video is shared is likely to be AirPower Mini. However, it is not possible to understand what this mysterious product is without making a statement by Apple.

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Here is that mysterious product allegedly owned by Apple


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