Apple’s Mysterious Computer Code ‘B2002’ Revealed


A mysterious “personal computer” from Apple has surfaced with Bluetooth certification. Although no details about the product are known, estimates are that this product is the first computer with an Apple Silicon processor. In addition, according to the allegations, Apple will announce its Apple Silicon processor computer at an event it will organize on November 17th.

It turned out that the US-based technology giant Apple is working on a new computer. Although no details of this computer, which came out with the Bluetooth certificate received by the company, are unknown, there are some remarkable estimates on the subject.

Apple places the computer for which it received Bluetooth certification under the “personal computer” category. Considering that the company lists Macs and iPads under this category, we can assume that this product is a new iPad or Mac computer. However, the information contained in the Bluetooth certificate does not provide the slightest detail about the product.

Here is the certificate Apple received for that mysterious device coded “B2002”.

The certificate, which started to be listed on October 22, has surfaced via MacRumors. The product, which is coded as “B2002” and has a model code designated as “TBD”, seems to come to light in a short time. Because some of the claims made recently show that Apple will announce a new computer in the near future.

Apple has been working on a new Mac computer for a while now. What makes this computer unique is the Apple Silicon processor. Apple has not made an official statement about these computers so far, but the company will allegedly announce this computer at an event on November 17th. In addition, the company said in a statement made at the beginning of 2020 that the first computer operating with this processor will be announced by the end of the year. Although not certain, the certificate received looks like the footsteps of the approaching computer.

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