Apple’s folding phone would have a screen that ‘heals’ itself


The forefront of telephony is in folding phones. Having a glass that does not scratch is something that is achieved with a good investment in research and development by companies like Gorilla Glass, which takes care of protecting the displays from almost anything.

The grating of keys and coins in the pocket is one of the most common things, but what if we tell you that there are those who are looking for a screen that heals itself? Well, it is the case of Apple, who want to provide their portable phone with a screen that regenerates itself.

A screen that regenerates from shocks

How many times have you listened to a close person who has had a mishap with the mobile? Smartphone crashes are more common than they seem and bring many users upside down. The replacements of this part of the terminal are many and also expensive in some cases. But this time we also have good news for some users who can suffer a lot from the loss of the screen.

Yes, any would be the answer to this circumstance, but spending up to four digits of your account always hurts. And it is that Apple wants to give a great response to the market with a folding phone with a screen that regenerates itself. The proposal is very interesting, especially if we take into account that the glass of these devices is flexible and more than one would consider it flimsy.

The proposal, according to The Verge, reached the United States patent offices yesterday and they explained the following: “The screen covering layer can also include a layer with self-healing properties.” This comes out in the first paragraph of the presentation to which it is added that the material would spread throughout the deck or be formed only in a specific region.

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Without a doubt, it is a pleasant help that comes to all users, although it is only a proposal. Of course, we don’t expect this property to last forever and be applied in just a few uses.

When is an Apple flexible phone for?

This is the big question that users ask themselves. The bitten apple already has its rivals conquering the lands of flexible telephones and some miss a proposal in this direction. Whether or not it arrives with a screen that cures is almost the least of it, but the arrival of this terminal with avant-garde design from Cupertino is still unknown.


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