Apple’s first Mac mini model with ARM-based M1 processor


Apple also introduced a new Mac mini at the One More Thing event for the first time since 2018. Naturally, this new computer contains Apple’s ARM-based specially designed M1 chip. The foreign price of the desktop machine starts at $ 699. This means that it is sold for 100 dollars less than the Mac mini model that came out two years ago.

Apple underlines that the new Mac mini has up to 60 percent higher energy efficiency thanks to the M1 chip. In addition, the company noted that the device has a 3 times faster CPU and 6 times faster graphics processing unit and has options of up to 16 GB of RAM. In addition, there is solid state storage support up to 2 TB.

On the other hand, Apple noted that this machine can also support 6K external display, and that the display port options include Thunderbolt and USB 4. However, the new Mac mini lacks two Thunderbolt ports compared to the 2018 model Intel-based model.

apple mac mini m1 özellikleri

Apple stated that the M1 was able to do various jobs faster than its predecessor. He listed the following as examples:

  • Compile code up to 3 times faster in Xcode.
  • Play Shadow of the Tomb Raider with frame rates up to 4 times higher.
  • Render a complex timeline up to 6 times faster in Final Cut Pro.
  • Up to 3 times more real-time plug-ins in Logic Pro.
  • Increase the resolution of a photo up to 15 times faster on Pixelmator Pro.

The transition to proprietary Apple Silicon processors was described by CEO Tim Cook as a “historic day for the Mac.” The company first announced this transition at the WWDC event last June. The transition to ARM-based Macs and away from Intel chips is also one of the biggest product decisions in the company’s history. This decision will have huge implications for both the tech industry and the macOS, iOS and iPadOS ecosystems.

Mac mini was the first of Apple’s M1-based desktop products. Apple is thought to be developing a smaller version of the new iMac and Mac Pro with Appl Silicon. It seems that these products will be released in 2021.


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