Apple’s first foldable iPhone must have Flip format


Rumors about the possible launch of a foldable iPhone are gaining momentum. According to information from the Bloomberg website, Apple is developing a foldable screen prototype, using flexible panels provided by Samsung. According to the website, the model has an almost invisible hinge and has a shell design, similar to the Motorola RAZR and Galaxy Z Flip.

Youtuber Jon Prosser, popular for revealing accurate information about Apple releases, put forward some information about Apple’s new product. According to him, the company has already finalized the iPhone format, which should follow the flip model.

“My sources say that Apple leans heavily towards the shell shape, focusing all of its attention on the production of the model. One of the goals of this shell-foldable iPhone is to make it available in various colors, with fun colors, similar to those basic models of iPhones, “says Prosser. In addition, the youtuber speculates that Apple may sell the folding with more affordable prices than rival brands, about US $ 1,499 (about R $ 8 thousand in Brazil, according to current quote).


Earlier this year, it had already been revealed that two folding prototypes passed Apple’s internal durability tests. According to a report released by the Taiwanese newspaper Money, tests on the hinge system of folding iPhones were conducted at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. It is estimated that the launch will be in September 2022.


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