Apple’s ‘Deep Fusion’ Technology Appears with iOS 13.2 Beta


Introduced by Apple’s iPhone 11 “Deep Fusion” technology, the beta version of iOS 13.2 appeared. What Apple can offer with this technology has been understood with the emergence of a photo taken in Deep Fusion mode.Apple’s ‘Deep Fusion’ Technology Appears with iOS 13.2 Beta

Introducing the new iPhone models in September, Apple, during the “Deep Fusion” also mentioned a feature called. The technology giant underlined that this feature can give the most detailed image ever taken with an iPhone. Utilizing artificial intelligence support, this technology shoots 4 short primary and 4 secondary shots when you touch the shutter button. When the shutter-release button is pressed, it produces 1 more long exposure.

Deep Fusion is currently only available on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. But so far this feature has not been activated. Apple’s iOS 13.2 beta version is now available to actively use this feature. As such, the first images of what Deep Fusion has to offer.

Deep Fusion technology works with the “A13 Bionic” processor found on the new iPhones. The photos taken in this mode are analyzed in detail thanks to the machine’s learning capability, resulting in more detailed, clearer and more natural images.

Here is a photo taken with the help of Deep Fusion technology:

Apple’s new Deep Fusion technology will be available to all iPhone 11 series owners with the full version of iOS 13.2. However, those who have an iPhone 11 and iOS 13.2 beta can also begin to experience this technology.


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