Apple’s AirTag devices will be able to do other things


We expect Apple to introduce a tracking device called AirTag for a while. In addition to helping you find your lost items, the patent application indicates that this device can do everything from measuring your posture to helping your phone view information about the building you are in. Details about patent applications made a year ago have emerged. Patently Apple has listed some of the features that can be found on the expected device.

With so many leaks about Apple’s Tile-like surveillance drives, we already have an idea of ​​what features it will help you keep track of your stuff. The most interesting point in these patent applications is the other use cases that Apple thinks. A series of diagrams shows how the audience can be glued to your body and used to track your posture or control a character on the screen.

Another point that MacRumors points out is how labels can be installed in a building and used to have your phone display useful information, such as a map, when it detects you are near.

Beyond these alternative use cases, Apple’s patent applications for “Mounting base for a label that can be positioned wirelessly” and “Fastener with a restricted retaining ring” do not contain many surprises about AirTags core functionality. The tags themselves are described as small. These are easily attached to items such as keys, purses, or wallets to help an owner find lost, misplaced, or stolen items; highly likely to be waterproof and drop resistant. Below are a few diagrams from patents that show how tags can be attached to accessories such as watch bands.

Apple also explains how ultra-broadband technology can help your phone find them to an accuracy of a few meters or less when you need to find the device to which the tags are attached, and the tags themselves can produce “audible and / or tactile outputs to help you find them.” If you’re not close enough, the device can transfer data over other people’s devices around you. This seems like a feature that is most likely to be added to Apple’s Find My app.

Rumors about AirTags have been around for a long time, and it seems like a matter of time before they become official. Recent news indicated that mass production of these began last month. There were rumors that there might be an official announcement very soon.


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