Apple’s Acclaimed Arcade Game Grindstone


The title, currently available only through the subscription video game service for iPhone and iPad, will debut this fall on Switch.

Capybara Games has confirmed that the acclaimed Grindstone will arrive on Nintendo Switch this fall after a year of exclusivity on Apple Arcade, the subscription service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV games from the Cupertino company. Acclaimed and recognized internationally, what is considered one of the best mobile games of 2019 will debut on the hybrid console before the end of 2020.

Internationally acclaimed; Grindstone comes to consoles

It will also be the first time that the full version of Grindstone can be purchased; to date, it was only accessible by paying for the monthly Apple Arcade subscription, a scenario that displeased those iPhone users who simply wanted to be able to buy the game, which in its edition for the Apple platform was completely free. microtransactions.

The game, a very addictive puzzle and action title where we must overcome levels to get new materials that we will turn into armor, weapons and other resources. Dozens of enemy types, obstacles and final bosses in over 200 levels, daily challenges and “dozens” of weapons to unlock. Its soundtrack, composed by Sam Webster, was also awarded.

Judging by the images and the first video preview, the interface has now been adapted to be played horizontally, not vertically, a more suitable perspective for a console like Nintendo Switch and which also offers greater visual coverage on screen when used. the left and right sides to house the HUD elements. At the moment, they have not confirmed possible changes in the gameplay or if it can be played with a controller; the original had touch screen command input.

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Although somewhat unnoticed, the confirmation of Grindstone’s debut on consoles was confirmed during the Nintendo Indie World on August 18; You can check here the complete list of games confirmed in the event and the release date of all of them.


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