Apple would be testing foldable phones for 2022


Apple is working on and discussing aspects of a foldable mobile phone, according to the Economic Daily website. Sources show that the company is working on previously filed patents and deciding details on the alleged future devices.

Rumors indicate that the launch of the device is planned for 2022, and that Apple would be waiting for samples to be sent to check the durability of the hinge in simulated applications of 100,000 repetitions of “opening and closing” the device.

“Apple is demanding that its Taiwan production chain send prototypes for testing, including Hon Hai (Foxconn) and Nippon Nippon, both Apple partners who are responsible for their first foldable smartphone,” says the Economic Daily. The American manufacturer would also be evaluating which display technology to adopt, choosing between AMOLED and microLED – both produced by Samsung.

“According to the factories, Apple is testing key components (of the folding cell phone) like the screen and hinge before announcing the device. Samsung will still supply the panel for the display […], and the assembly would be in the hands of Foxconn […]. ”, Adds the report on the website. The company would be studying what approach it would take to the device, choosing its components carefully.

The long-awaited Apple foldable phone

For months, rumors related to Apple foldables have been circulating on the internet, also fueled by the patent registration of the brand. Also considering Apple’s custom of waiting for the consolidation of technologies before adopting them on its devices, its arrival in the foldable market would not be a surprise.

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In addition, long periods of testing are even more important for the company’s first launch of the folding. As shown in the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, Motorola Razr and Microsoft Surface Duo, the introduction of the first foldable device to the market usually holds unpleasant surprises – often caused by the early launch.


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