Apple works on a hybrid console model à la Switch


Apple: New rumors posted on the South Korean forum Clien suggest that Apple is working on a new, next-generation hybrid console in the Nintendo Switch style, supported by a new chip that is unheard of compared to the latest models of its devices.

According to those responsible for the post, who did not include official or unofficial sources in their article, Apple is studying to manufacture a console with a portable and desktop function with “improved GPU performance and Ray Tracing support”, supposedly relying on the same mechanism based on Joy-Con compatibility seen on the Switch. The message goes further and reinforces Ubisoft’s participation as a consultant, suggesting a hardware partnership with a future game release.

The rumors were commented on by the TechRadar team shortly thereafter and gained more realistic connotations, as in fact Apple has no history of manufacturing hardware at competitive levels, especially when its opponents are consolidated brands such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Thus, considering that the last entry of the brand occurred in 1996 with the Apple Pippin and was a real failure of sales and criticism, everything indicates that the rumors are minimally suspicious.

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