Apple will tell you how hard it is to repair your iPhone.


When you buy a smartphone you are happy because you renew your old mobile and you find great news at your fingertips. In fact, it is very likely that you think about the integrity of it once you use it, since one of the things that you are obliged to buy is a cover. But when you buy an expensive smartphone, you may be interested in knowing its resistance and that is why Apple will tell you how difficult it is to repair its phones.

Apple will report the simplicity to repair your iPhone

Thanks to the Internet, we have become used to watching videos and reading articles about the resistance of the most expensive smartphones. These usually have the best manufacturing standards and great things are expected of them, but that does not mean that they cannot be broken. There are many reasons for this: a failure of the plate, a fall or the typical immersion in some water. For all these cases, and many others, the technical service can help you, but not all mobiles have the same degree of repair.

This may be something that not everyone cares about, but now Apple will put a note of repair on its products. At least that’s how The Verge tells it, where they say that the bitten apple is obliged to put this annotation on its website. It has been in France where this law has been implemented with which they want to increase their index of repaired devices. The media claims that last year only 40% of damaged devices were repaired and they want to increase that rate to 60% in the coming years.

Regarding the scoring system, each product will have a mark that is evaluated with a maximum of 10 points, this being the highest degree of repair. Specifically, the iPhone 12 has a score of 6/10, while the MacBook has up to a maximum of 7/10.

A function that is not in Spain

As we told you, Apple will report the repair score of its products. The measure only applies to France, where all electronics companies will have to comply with this requirement without exception. At the moment there are no fines to face, since the law will enter into force definitively next year, which will be when sanctions are imposed.


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