Apple will study whether Apple Watch can identify signs of covid-19


Apple, started a study in partnership with the University of Washington and the analytical institution Seattle Flu Study, to see if the Apple Watch can detect respiratory diseases, such as the covid-19. The initiative was initially announced in September 2020, during the Time Flies event. However, as revealed by Apple Insider, the project has only recently started.

Participants who are accepted into the program will receive an Apple Watch for monitoring. The device must be used at all times, “throughout the study, both day and night”. The research is estimated to last up to six months.

Registration for the public is now open. However, only applicants from the Seattle metropolitan area (USA), aged 22 or over, will be accepted. It is also necessary to have an iPhone 6s or newer to pass the selection.

Purposes of the study

In more detail, the objective of the initiative is to verify whether the information collected by the Apple Watch and also by the iPhone can indicate early signs of respiratory diseases such as the covid-19. To this end, information on the health and activities of the participants will be gathered, which should answer weekly questions in the Apple Research application on respiratory symptoms and lifestyle.

In case any participant becomes ill during the program, a free home covid-19 test and some measurement indications will be sent, all with the monitoring of the Apple Watch.

There are many expectations about this study, which can obtain very positive results. It is worth remembering that it is not the first time that the Apple Watch is considered as a tool in the fight against covid-19. Previous research carried out independently by researchers from Mount Sinai indicated that the device does provide correct diagnoses of the disease, which can be reinforced by the findings of these new efforts.