Apple Will Require Apps To Offer Delete Account Option


Apple: Starting in 2022, developers of apps for iOS, iPadOS and macOS should offer users a method of deleting a service account within the programs themselves. The announcement was made this Wednesday (6) by Apple, which confirmed the entry into force of the requirement for January 31 of next year.

According to the owner of the iPhone, the measure will be valid for all apps that allow or require the creation of an account to be used. In addition to new software released as of that date, updates must also include the option to remove the profile.

This requirement was announced by the Cupertino giant during the latest edition of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021), held virtually in June. At the time, the company introduced a series of changes to the App Store guidelines as part of an effort to give users greater control over their data.

The option to delete account should make it easier to abandon subscriptions to services that are no longer used. However, it is worth noting that the requirement is for the removal process to be started within the app, that is, the user can still be directed to a website or service platform before confirming their departure.


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