Apple will repair the back glass by removing this part


In these times we see how companies have done everything possible to have more solid devices as well as aesthetic ones. This implies that the chassis that are manufactured have a single piece on which the rest of the components are installed. This is good as it prevents elements such as water or dust from leaking out, but it also has negative consequences when making a repair.

Luckily, users of the bitten apple will receive new improvements when it comes to repairing the iPhone to replace the rear glass.

A new method to repair the glass of your iPhone 12

If we ask you which is one of the best phones of the moment, it is very possible that the iPhone is among them. Those from Cupertino have manufactured a terminal that combines design and power in equal measure. However, aesthetics cannot be very practical and if you drop your mobile on your back you can breathe something calm since you can use it. The bad thing is that the rear glass cracks and you will have to send the mobile to technical service.

But there is good news for you as an Apple user and that is that the firm has investigated a new method to fix your iPhone. This only serves to solve the most ‘superficial’ problems. By this we mean that structural damage will be easier to repair, such as a broken screen or back. But there is always a but and that is that the cameras are not in that pack.

According to the statements collected by MacRumors “if a customer has an iPhone 12 mini with the rear glass cracked, for example, the technicians will be able to replace the entire rear part of the device, with the new housing placed on the original screen and rear camera. For this reason, the customer’s screen and rear camera must be free from damage or functional failure for their device to qualify for this same unit repair method. ”

What can be fixed with the new Apple system?

Based on what we told you in the previous paragraph, the new system to fix iPhones has a series of rules. This is called the iPhone Rear System and only allows the rear glass, plates and FaceID sensors to be fixed. On the contrary, if the cameras suffer from a functional error, it is another type of arrangement that is somewhat more tedious.