Apple Will Reach $1 Trillion Annual Income By 2030, Says Professor


Apple could in eight years reach the revenue generated of US$ 1 trillion a year — practically tripling what it currently generates. The information is the result of a study carried out by Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University (NYU).

According to the analyst, the task is not easy, but it is possible for Apple to jump from the US$ 366 billion registered in 2021. For that, the company would need to expand in practically all the segments that currently maintain at least one presence, in addition to entering in new markets.

The Trillion Secret

One of the possible paths is the expansion in financial services, transforming the company practically into a fintech from what is offered by Apple Card and Apple Pay — this division could even enter the loan and mortgage business, which are sectors of very high demand. particularly in the United States.

In addition, it could expand its presence in the fitness sector by entering health services, even becoming a provider of medical plans for iPhone and Apple Watch owners, for example.

Other sectors pointed out by Galloway include search (selling space to advertisers in searches on the App Store), physical exercise (perhaps with the acquisition of Peloton, currently in crisis), home automation (launching Internet of Things devices and perhaps even the so-called dreamed of Smart TV, which was one of the company’s main rumors a few years ago).

Near future?

In more tangible services, the professor cites the possible entry of the brand in the automotive segment — the company’s car should be launched later this decade and, according to rumors, it can be electric and autonomous.

Finally, the company should soon even start offering cloud storage services to businesses, which could further increase revenue and lessen its dependence on rivals like Google.

It is worth remembering that, recently, in terms of market value, the Apple reached the value of US$ 3 trillion.