Apple will pay $ 113 million to close ‘BatteryGate’ case


Apple has finely settled the legal disputes in the “BatteryGate” case, which has taken US courts over the past two years. The company agreed to pay a $ 113 million fine after systematically decreasing the performance of iPhones, on the grounds that the action would improve the battery life of mobile phones.

The payment will be made to more than 30 states in the United States, which will share the indemnity to end the numerous legal actions related to the case. The fine was decided after investigations pointed out that the company was aware of the problems, causing violations of the consumer protection code.

According to Mark Brnovich, the lawyer responsible for the investigations, Apple omitted details about the iOS update that slowed down the performance of iPhones. In addition to the fine, the company was advised to “provide true information” about the performance and useful life of its cell phones.


“BatteryGate” started to gain prominence in 2018, when Apple was sued for releasing two system updates that reduced the performance of certain models of iPhones. The company confirmed that it was slowing the performance of some smartphones since 2016, but without warning consumers.

During 2018, shortly after the manufacturer confirmed the situation, more than 60 lawsuits were filed because of the performance drop in older cell phones. In addition, the company received a class action in 2019 for the same reason.

Before agreeing to pay $ 113 million to close the case, Apple had already been ordered to compensate customers affected by the problem. This year, the company paid $ 25 for each user who felt hurt by the manufacturer’s attitude, for a total amount of up to $ 500 million.

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