Apple will offer third-party applications to iPhone buyers


Apple faced some monopoly investigations over the past year due to complaints from app developers like Spotify and Rakuten. These companies accused Apple of unfairly taking advantage of their apps. As these investigations continue, the tech giant is preparing to take a new step, which it thinks will alleviate concerns. Apple will recommend third-party apps to new iPhone and iPad buyers during installation. So while setting up your new iPhone or iPad, Apple will be able to recommend you to install Spotify.

The 9to5Mac site revealed the feature in iOS 14.3 beta. In the relevant text, it is understood that Apple’s primary goal is to reduce the pressure in countries and regions where it is having hard times due to its current attitude. In the relevant part of the code, there is a statement saying “In line with regional local requirements, continue to see the applications that can be downloaded”. This means Apple will only offer the feature where it has to.

It is not possible to say anything about whether Apple’s new move will be enough to satisfy the developers who oppose it. The most important of the accusations against the company is the claim that Apple has an advantage with the applications it offers pre-loaded on the iPhone.

Still, it can be said that the Cupertino-based company put forward a will for change. Apple had enabled iPhone owners to change the default browser and email applications with iOS 14.


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