Apple will make masked face emoji laugh with iOS 14.2


Apple is making a change in the medical masked face emoji with iOS 14.2, in line with the situation in the world. With the iOS 14.2 update, the frowning expression of the emoji will be replaced by smiling eyes and bright cheeks.

According to the article on Emojipedia, Apple’s revamped masked face emoji is based on the company’s standard smiley emoji. The company will put a mask directly on this emoji with iOS 14.2.

It should be noted that Samsung took action before Apple on this issue. The face emoji with a medical mask that the South Korean company has been using since 2013 looked quite sick until the coronavirus outbreak broke out.

However, after the use of masks has become a worldwide standard with the epidemic, Samsung’s emoji has also become smarter. It is worth noting that Samsung made this change in March. The South Korean company acted fairly quickly in this regard.

Apple has not announced a release date for iOS 14.2. However, the public beta version of iOS 14.2 is expected to be released before the end of the year. With iOS 14.2, other new emojis will be offered to iPhone owners.


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