Apple will let you reserve applications six months advance


Reservations always guarantee you a copy of the product you want. You will have to give the purchase price in advance, but in many cases they can even help you save some money. But in the case of applications, the discounts are somewhat strange if not non-existent due to their price. But in the house of Cupertino they have a better proposal for developers and that is that they will be able to put their applications on reserve for six months.

Change in Apple’s sales policies

The App Store is one of the most famous application stores where more than one developer would like to offer their services. Everyone puts their application on the long list that after being verified that it is free of problems can be released. As you may know, the vast majority of this software is paid and you will have to pay cash at least once to obtain it.

But when it comes to a novelty, there is no other than to wait for it to be available in the virtual storefront. This wait sometimes only consisted of making the reservation and holding out until the application or a new version of it came out, a process that was open 90 days in advance. But in the house of the bitten apple they have decided to take new measures with the new reservation policy.

As we read in the brief publication of the Cupertino company “You can now allow customers to reserve your application up to 180 days before its launch for download on the App Store.” It is undoubtedly a strategy for the different developers to be able to attract more users who can convince them of their app by showing more information and, perhaps, encourage the purchase with some other initial discount.

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The Bitten Apple has made it clear that once an app is launched, customers will be notified and it will automatically download to the selected device within 24 hours.


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