Apple will let you choose third party apps as standard apps


US technology giant Apple will allow third party applications to be set as standard in operating systems, according to Bloomberg’s report. So apps like Gmail and Chrome will be standard apps on the Apple operating system.

As you know, Apple does not allow you to set third party programs as standard applications within its operating system. However, according to a report by Bloomberg, the company is now working to offer such an option to all users using Apple devices.

According to the report, Apple is making plans to allow iPhone and iPad users to change the standard applications of internet browsers and e-mail services. However, the company is said to eliminate the use of any Apple device or AirPlay on HomePod devices, allowing third-party applications such as Spotify to run directly.

Apple may allow third party apps to be set as standard:
Apple’s decision came in the face of growing antitrust scrutiny on how the company managed its platforms. There was some news that an investigation would be launched last year after the EU complained that Spotify and Apple had unfairly pushed consumers towards their own music streaming service.

In addition to e-mail services and internet browsers, Apple will also support Siri to send messages from third-party messaging apps as standard, according to a report published by Bloomberg last year. In other words, you will not need to specify the name of the application while giving a voice command to send a message from a third party application.

According to the news, this choice that Apple will offer for messages may be valid for telephone calls in the future. According to Bloomberg, Apple offers 38 different applications on iPhone and iPad devices. When these applications are standard, there is a decrease in the use of other third party applications.

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Considering Apple’s millions of iOS and iPadOS devices, limiting standard apps to just the company’s own apps may be superior to other apps. Apple has previously announced that it hosts these applications to “give users a good experience as it comes out of the package” and there are many applications that can compete with their own applications.


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