Apple will join CES again after 28 years


Cupertino-based technology giant Apple, a full 28 years after the United States held in Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) announced that it will participate. Jane Horvath, the company’s senior privacy manager, will address the consumer privacy panel on January 7th.

Apple was showing the year 1992 with its calendar sheets when it last participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The US technology giant, who has not attended the fair even once, seems to have given up this stubbornness after 28 years.

Digitaltrends’ reports last week said Apple’s senior privacy manager, Jane Horvath, would speak at a consumer privacy panel on January 7, the opening day. Confirming the report Cupertino company, CES’te will participate in other technology giants.

The panel will be attended by officials from the Federal Trade Commission (FCC), Facebook Procter and Gamble executives. In addition, Apple will unveil the HomeKit smart home platform in CES 2020. We know that the company’s two major competitors in this marketplace, Amazon and Google, will offer new updates to add more features to their Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. This is exactly one of the reasons why Apple did not pass CES this year.

Apple last joined the CES in 1992 in Chicago. The then CEO of the company, John Sculley Newton, introduced a number of new products at this giant technology summit. Apple, which was a 16-year company back then, is now returning to CES as one of the most valuable companies in the world.

The keynote speakers are CES 2020, the daughter of US President Donald Trump and his adviser, Ivanka Trump. Stay tuned to stay informed of all the latest news about the fair.


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