Apple will have to reveal its no-charge sale to Procon


The argument that removing the charger from the packaging of iPhones today for sale is an “ecological” decision did not convince the Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation (Procon-SP): notified, Apple has until Friday to explain its decision.

“The separate sale of the device and the charger is an innovation that can constitute an abusive practice, as one needs the other to be useful. Apple practically forces the consumer to make two purchases of the same product; it is almost a married sale ”, said the executive director of Procon-SP, Fernando Capez.

In a statement, Procon-SP says that Apple “should present the following information:

  • What reasons underpin the company’s business decision;
  • What will be the cost of the devices offered separately;
  • What will be made available for consumer purchase so that the recharge is carried out and what is the estimated time for charging the device with the new device;
  • If the consumer has an alternative to use other devices with the same function;
  • How will the warranty service be given, since the items will be purchased in different periods. ”

Environmentally friendly

In early October, Apple introduced the new iPhone 12 and confirmed that the devices would be sold without a charger or headphones. The decision, for “environmental issues”, would aim to reduce carbon emissions and the generation of electronic waste (but not the price of the device).

According to the American manufacturer, two million tons of carbon would no longer be released into the atmosphere, including the reduction of boxes, which would optimize the transport of more units in a single shipment. For company vice president Lisa Jackson, continuing to ship accessories in the box would be “a waste”.

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