Apple will ensure you always carry your health information with you


Always producing solutions for the needs of its users, Apple brings a new feature for the Wallet application.


The fight against Covid-19 continues at full speed. On the one hand, vaccination studies continue, on the other hand, studies are carried out against new variations. However, there are some problems that slow down the process. The most important of these is the anti-vaccine who reject the virus or the treatment. Many governments that wanted to prevent these groups found the solution to impose various restrictions.

Some countries, including Turkey, have taken some measures for citizens who do not have a double dose of vaccine. In particular, the application of the vaccination card was considered as a very effective method to distinguish between the two groups. For this reason, many people had to carry their digital report cards with them at all times. Known for its solutions for consumers, Apple has launched its new solution that will facilitate the work of users.

With Apple Wallet, your vaccination certificate will always be with you.

Aware that iPhone owners also need to carry their digital vaccination certificates with them all the time, Apple found the solution in the Wallet app. Deciding to work with the Verifiable Health Records System for this issue, the company has guaranteed that users will keep their records in a secure application.

The application, which will enter our lives with an update to iOS 15, will make our work easier, especially in situations such as travel. It will also ensure the security of health records. While the idea is nice, Apple isn’t the first to do it.

Making a similar statement recently, Samsung announced that they will be able to store their customers’ health information. All you have to do for this is to download the Samsung Pay application, which works with the same logic as Apple Wallet. This feature is expected to be used by other companies over time.

So what do you think about this subject? Do you think it makes sense to leave our personal health information in the hands of technology companies? You can share your views with us in the comments section.


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