Apple will build the world’s largest wind turbines in Europe


Apple announced the expansion of the company’s sustainability plans with the construction of a new structure in Europe. The company will build two of the largest wind turbines in the world in the Danish city of Esbjerg.

Both will be 200 meters high (a record for onshore turbines) and have the capacity to produce 62 gigawatt hours per day, a capacity equivalent to the energy required for 20,000 homes. The plan is part of the company’s strategy to generate more sustainable energy and all the electricity generated will be used by the company’s data center in Viborg, a nearby city.

The location is the main center of operations for the company’s services in Europe, including Apple Music, App Store and Siri. In addition to the construction aimed at wind turbines, Apple recently completed the construction of a complex to generate solar energy in Thisted, also in Denmark.

Apple recently announced a plan to transform itself by 2030 into a company that neutralizes all carbon emissions in its production chain, from factories to servers – which means not impacting the climate through operations, not just resorting to sustainable energy.

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