Apple Will Be Investigated by US Worker Protection Agency


Apple: The US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an independent government agency that investigates labor relations in the United States, has accepted two different allegations involving Apple.

According to the Apple Insider website and Reuters news agency, the company will be investigated for alleged discriminatory practices. The first charge involves activities such as “retaliation, dismissal, disciplinary action or similar offenses” that took place at the brand’s Sunnyvalle, Calif., office.

The second allegation alleges that high-ranking employees make coercive statements and threats, in addition to false promises of benefits and ending any conversation about salaries and payments between employees.

Accumulated cases

Apple’s senior engineering program manager, Ashley Gjøvik, is one of those involved in the first of the allegations. She was recently dismissed indefinitely after reporting alleged cases of sexism and discrimination in the workplace.

The other recent case involving Apple and its collaborators is the #AppleToo campaign, spearheaded by collaborator Cher Scarlett, which gathered stories of harassment and bad conditions in the company’s offices. In a short time, organizers have accumulated nearly 500 stories involving racism, sexism, discrimination, retaliation, bullying and other forms of harassment.

In a third case revealed this month, Apple is accused of “violating the privacy of its own workers”. In addition, the brand was involved in controversy for trying to force the team to return to face-to-face, despite the risks of contamination of the covid-19 and the increase in the number of cases by the Delta variant. For now, Apple and the agency responsible for investigations have not commented on the complaints, which still do not have a deadline to be analyzed.


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