Apple Will Adopt Its Own 5G Chip in 2023, In Partnership With TSMC


Apple: Some time ago, Apple began dedicating itself to the development of its own parts, such as the line of M1 processors for the brand’s computers. New rumors indicate that Apple has already chosen the supplier of its first 5G modem for iPhones, which should not take long to reach the pockets of fans of the brand.

According to information revealed by the Nikkei website, in 2023, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) will be responsible for manufacturing 5G modems for the next iPhone models, produced in an advanced process of 4 nanometers — even this process has not yet been used in any commercial product.

New manufacturer and new manufacture!

According to rumors, Apple started production with in-process testing of 5 nanometers, before being mass produced at 4 nanometers. Remember that TSMC is the manufacturer of all A-series processors for iPhones and M1 chip systems.

Nikkei also revealed that TSMC has already sent hundreds of engineers to Cupertino, Calif., to help Apple develop new chips.

Last week, Qualcomm, responsible for producing all of the iPhone 13’s connection chips, revealed that the company should only be responsible for 20% of modem manufacturing over the next two years. In other words, it is even possible for the partnership to be terminated or to continue only in specific markets.