Apple, When Will The iPhone 12 Be Introduced


YouTuber, Jon Prosser suggested that Apple will hold an event on Tuesday, September 8. According to Prosser, this event will be a launch where Apple will announce its new products. However, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the event will only be the announcement of the announcement.

Apple, under normal circumstances, unveils new iPhone models in September every year. However, this year, although we have entered the second week of September, it is still not clear how the company will follow up with the new iPhones.

The year 2020, which passed with the coronavirus pandemic, has seriously affected the usual operations of companies. Apple, which, like all companies, has been affected by this difficult process, has already announced that the iPhone 12 will be delayed for a few times with its statements. According to YouTuber Jon Prosser, Apple will hold a press event tomorrow, which will also address this issue.

“The event will include more than iPhone 12”

According to the statements made by Jon Prosser, Apple will come up with various products in addition to the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 at the event it will organize tomorrow. Prosser, who did not clearly explain which products Apple will come up with, still managed to excite Apple fans. However, the event announced by Prosser was interpreted differently by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

“The press release will be the announcement of the announcement.”

According to Mark Gurman, Apple will make a press release about its new products this week. However, new products will not be launched in this statement. Gurman says he thinks the press release in question will be the announcement of the announcement, and with this press release, when the new Apple products will be announced.

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It’s not uncommon for big companies like Apple to announce the launch event of their popular products in advance. Naturally, there is some justification in Gurman’s statements. However, Apple may not make a dry press release. The company has been known to be working on a new iPad Air model for a while. Apple may include the promotion of this product in its press release tomorrow or the coming days.

If we come to the iPhone 12 series; Especially the iPhone 12 Pro will lag a bit longer than other variants. The iPhone 12 is likely to be delayed for a few weeks and the iPhone 12 Pro until November. However, for the clearest information on this subject, we need to wait for Apple’s explanations.


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