Apple: What Tim Cook prepared for his Opening Speech!


Apple will soon be giving its third conference of the year, here is what Tim Cook has in store for this next Keynote.

What can we expect from Apple’s next Keynote?

This Tuesday, November 10, Apple is giving its 3rd conference since the start of the school year. This is actually quite unusual for the firm.

In fact, the company generally organizes a back-to-school keynote and then another sometimes at the end of October. This year, Apple is having its 3rd event since September!

During the first one, we were able to discover the iPad Air as well as its new Apple Watch and Apple One. Then in October, Apple unveiled its long-awaited new iPhone 12!

And while fans of Apple products are barely recovering from the release of the latest smartphone, the company is already moving on. So, in this month of November, the company will present its new products. What can we expect?


Last June, Apple announced big changes for Macs! Indeed, she affirmed her desire to gradually switch her computers to ARM with her homemade chips.

The company therefore launched a Mac Mini model equipped with an A12Z iPad Pro chip. It was also exclusively reserved for developers.

This time, the firm should launch its first Macs with Apple Silicon chips intended for the general public. But this information is still very vague. Quite simply because Macs remain less publicized than iPhones.

But rumors say there will be 3 Macs on the schedule for this conference. A 13-inch MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Pro and finally a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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Other products will also be presented at this Keynote. We think for example of the new 6th generation Apple TV.

We could also find AirTags, these famous GPS trackers. And finally, it is possible that the firm presents its AirPods Studio, a highly anticipated high-end headphones too! Case to be continued.


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