Apple Watch’s ‘Fall Detection Feature’ Saved Another Person’s Life


For many of us, the drop detection feature on the Apple Watch is something we hope to never need, but on the other hand it is a very important feature. For William Bout, a designer in San Francisco, this feature will no longer be indispensable.

While wearable technology was not deemed necessary a few years ago, we cannot deny its contribution to our lives. These products make our lives easier as well as you know very well in case of emergency is famous for catching up to our rescue. Here is an old man to save the life of Apple Watch talked for days new news came from the US this time.

When William Bout went to work in the morning, a car hit him and the man, who was unconscious by the impact of the anchor, collapsed. Apple Watch’s fall detection feature, which was activated at that time, called the emergency service to ask for immediate assistance. Bout says he doesn’t remember much about the incident, he feels good now with the help of the paramedics who run to him in a few minutes and thinks technology is great.

It is actually very important that such a bad situation that no one would want to live, get over this cheap thanks to a smart watch. We hope that everyone who uses Apple Watch will activate this feature, and such useful features that have recently gained appreciation will continue to be developed in new versions.

So how does this feature work?
Apple Watch Series 4 and later have a drop detection feature. This feature is turned off by default for users under the age of 65, anyone who wants to turn on the iPhone application can watch. The feature detects a sudden drop and automatically searches for emergency services if the person does not turn off the alarm within one minute of the fall.

In addition, if you have filled in your emergency contact information, the person you added will be notified by a text message and a map location. Let’s also underline that for all this you need an internet connection that your watch can access. Apple series, which is expected to come before the user with more advanced features in the future series, let’s see what innovations will bring.


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