Apple Watch: Upcoming Models Will Have Thermometer and Glucose Meter


Apple is already working on the next generations of the Apple Watch and the smart watch should present not only a series of new looks, but also several features that were requested by the community.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Apple Watch Series 7, which is likely to name the next model, will have a faster processor, improved wireless connectivity and new display technology.

The display will be improved thanks to a new lamination technique that “brings the panel closer to the front cover”, but the reduction in thickness should not be felt by the user. The best connection will be guaranteed by the ultra-wideband function, which is already present in AirTags smart tags.

And the rest?

Also according to the report, new functions will not be added in the next generation. The thermometer, for example, was even in the plans — but the implementation was delayed and now should only be done in the 2022 version.

The glucose sensor, long awaited by those with diabetes and related diseases, will hardly be ready in the next version, as previously speculated. It should take “a few more years” for commercial release.

New model

Bloomberg also cites that Apple is about to release a new variant of the Apple Watch: a model for extreme sports, aimed at adventurers and explorers, which will likely have a more resistant body against bumps and scratches.

This model should integrate the family of devices alongside the traditional clock and a new SE version, scheduled for release in 2022.


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