Apple Watch training new in Fitness Plus


The final version of WatchOS 7.2 arrived in December 2020 with several new features, including Fitness Plus for the Apple Watch. Now a new feature is debuting on the clock with a collaboration from Fitness Plus and several artists like Shawn Mendes, who will now accompany him during walks.

The new feature, which is already available to Apple Fitness Plus subscribers, is called Time to Walk and aims to encourage users to go for walks as if they were alongside influential, interesting artists and often their favorite idols.

Time to Walk basically works like a podcast that you can listen to when walking while using your Apple Watch and headphones. The episodes are recorded as world-renowned artists walk to give greater immersion and the feeling that they are really exercising with the user while talking about curious facts about their life and career in a relaxed interview.

The novelty debuts with 4 episodes featuring country music star Dolly Parton, NBA Draymond Green, Shawn Mendes and Uzo Aduba, winner of the Emmy Award for his performance in Orange Is the New Black. Each lasts between 25 and 40 minutes.

New episodes will be added soon and the Apple Watch can be configured to automatically download while charging, so you don’t even need a data connection while you’re listening to them through the Watch’s Training app, as the walking exercise starts as soon as you start playing it.

In addition, wheelchair users will also be able to use the feature, which in this case is called “Time to Push” and allows them to also enjoy this experience.

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