Apple Watch Series 7 upset with processor detail


A developer has revealed a sad detail for the Apple Watch Series 7 processor. It is stated that there is a reason that pushes Apple to this situation.


Yesterday, Apple’s new smart watch was introduced at the event and attracted the attention of many users with its new features. Although the Apple Watch Series 7 remains the same in design, there is an increase in screen size. The smart watch has two size options, 41mm and 45mm. It also has water and dust proof certificates.

Apple Watch Series 7 has the same processor as the previous watch

In the Apple presentation that took place yesterday, not a word was said about the performance of the Apple Watch Series 7. Normally, the company would emphasize how fast its new devices are and how many percent more performance they have than their predecessors. However, such details about Series 7 were not included in the presentation.

On top of that, a developer named Steve Troughton–Smith stated that the Apple Watch Series 7 has the exact same CPU as last year’s Series 6, based on the latest version of Xcode (the platform that lets you build apps for Apple devices). Both the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 6 have the CPU codenamed “t8301” available in the “Apple S6” package (SiP). The resulting processor codename revealed that Series 7 and Series 6 have exactly the same processor.

This isn’t the first time Apple has reused one of its processors in another product. There have been situations like this before. But another developer, Guilherme Rambo, said: “The fact that Apple didn’t even get a new model code makes me think the claims about the redesign are true, but towards the end of the project something got too bad to be fixed and they had to improvise.” This answers why Apple uses the same processor. Still, it’s best to wait for an official statement from Apple.


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