Apple Watch Series 7: Tips and tricks


Set the time ahead to work wisely Turn on the device’s security feature Take screenshots with ease Unlock your Mac with comfort Battery management strategies Use silicone tapes

Earlier generation, along with the stunning Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8 and Hermes announced at the iPhone 14 event, the Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the best user-friendly smartwatches on the digital market. The full optimization of the various functions of the Series 7 guarantees user satisfaction and pleasure, since the smartwatch is designed to optimize the interaction between Apple gadgets.

To fully unlock the capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 7, there are some useful tips that every user should know. These tips and tricks range from shortcuts that help you complete tasks faster on the iPhone, to device management strategies to improve the overall health of the Series 7. In any case, here are some useful tips you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 7.

Set the time ahead to work wisely

One of the best hidden features of the Apple Series 7 is closely related to the time function in the smartwatch settings. Now, if you are afraid of missing appointments, appointments, schedules and important dates, you can customize your Apple Watch using the “Adjust the display of the watch face forward” icon in the Settings > Clock menu.

Using this important feature, you can enable the display of notifications and reminders before the scheduled time. For example, if you set the “Watch Face Display” to +5 minutes, Apple Watch will remind you of all your necessary actions 5 minutes before the time. This way you can stay up to date with your daily activities.

Turn on the device’s security feature

The Series 7 has an important security tool that helps users in emergency situations. This security tool is the “Fall Detection” feature, which is part of Emergency SOS on the iPhone. After connecting the iPhone to the Series 7, go to Settings > Emergency Call — SOS > Fall Detection.

Enable the fall detection feature as it is safety-oriented and works closely with the Series 7 to detect falls and sudden sudden movements. In case of a sudden fall, the Apple Watch will warn you about the movement with the help of “Fall Detection”, and if you do not react, emergency services will be called, protecting you from any negative events.

Take screenshots with ease

To be honest, taking screenshots on an iPhone has always been pretty easy; however, the Series 7 makes the process more fun. Using an Apple Watch to take screenshots, especially when your phone is a little far away from you, is a neat trick that every Apple user should try.

To enable screenshots, go to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and click “General”. After that, turn on “Enable Screenshots” to update the resolution of the Series 7. Then you can take screenshots by pressing the side button and the crown at the same time.

Unlock your Mac in comfort

One of the convenient features of the Apple Watch is the close interaction between the unlock settings of the MacBook and the smartwatch. If the MacBook is upgraded to macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey, users should be able to grant permissions that require passwords on the Mac, such as unlocking applications and others.

To enable this feature, go to System Preferences on your MacBook Air/Pro and click Security and Privacy. Then go to the “Basic” section and click “Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac computer”. After that, you can adjust the Apple Watch permissions to your liking.

Note. For this to work, both the Series 7 and the MacBook must be associated with the same Apple ID.

Battery Management Strategies

The Apple Watch Series 7 may have many energy-saving features that significantly shorten the life of the smartwatch even after it is fully charged. However, this is a relatively small problem when users finally find out how to solve this problem. To save battery power, you need to go to “Location” in the Settings app on the Series 7.

After opening “Settings”, go to “Location” and disable it in the app where it is not needed. Another tip for saving battery power is to use the update function of the background application. To do this, go to Settings > General > Background App Update. Users can either allow background app updates for multiple required apps, or disable it completely.

Use silicone tapes

The Apple Watch series is designed in such a way that users can choose any wrist traps they want to use with a smartwatch. Consequently, users have many options for choosing a wrist strap. Without a doubt, there are many fashionable options, but users who value convenience and practicality above all else should choose silicone straps.

These straps have a unique feel that makes them so comfortable to use.


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