Apple Watch Series 6 introduced; price and features!


The outside of the watch consists of a 100 percent recycled aluminum case. In the production part, completely renewable energy was used. In order to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment, Apple is making the Apple Watch green, just like the new generation MacBook.

Apple Watch has also become quite capable of training. Thanks to the new barometric chip in the watch, the altitude of the watch can be calculated. This plays a big role in the automatic detection of exercises. However, you can add the exercise data measured during fitness as an information box into any video.

The watchOS 7, which appeared at WWDC 2020, comes preloaded at this hour. With watchOS 7, synchronization can be established between other family members using Apple Watch. Those who do not have an iPhone will also be able to use the family sync feature.

watchos 7

The sleep tracking feature, which has been long awaited for Apple Watch watches, is in the new generation. This feature, which is perhaps the most valuable advantage of watchOS 7, measures your sleep quality from the moment you fall asleep. You may come across statistics about your sleep quality from time to time.

We mentioned that the clock is designed with an environmental focus. According to Apple, a charger is not included in the box to reduce the carbon footprint value. When we compare the watch with the previous generation, we see that the new features that come are:

New interfaces

Bigger screen

Ground clearance detection

Sleep tracking

Family tracking with watchOS 7

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