Apple Watch Series 6 can upset users with battery


Apple Watch Series 6, which Apple is expected to meet with users in the future, may not please users about the battery. Because in the news, it is said that the new model can come with a battery with less capacity.

It is said that it may be behind the previous series when it comes to the sale of the model due to the battery capacity, which will be less than the previous generation Apple Watch Series 5. In the news, it is stated that Apple can also work on less battery usage.

Apple Watch Series 6 may surprise with battery

In the information that emerged, the batteries prepared for the new model of the company showed itself. It is said that these batteries show themselves as model number A2306, A2345 and A2327. The batteries, which are specified by Apple to be used in the model, show themselves with different capacities.

It is known as A2327 303.8 mAh, A2346 265.9 mAh and A2327 262.9 mAh, which are stated to be prepared for Apple Watch Series 6 battery options. It is said that the batteries produced in three different versions can be positioned according to the features of the model. These features include the size of the watch and support for 4G connectivity.

The previous generation, Apple Watch Series 5, was released with a battery capacity of 296 mAh. Thus, it is seen that only one of the batteries prepared for the new model passes the old model and the other two are left behind. Even earlier, the Apple Watch Series 4 had a 291.8 mAh battery capacity.

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Information about the new watch includes measurement of oxygen in the blood, microLED and improved wireless connectivity.


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