Apple Watch Series 5 Good Deal: 19% Discount


The Apple Watch is the number one connected watch on the market, designed by Apple. A connected watch that now benefits from a nice 19% reduction thanks to the link available below.

Apple has been one of the champions in the new technology market for several decades, offering the best innovations. Today, the manufacturer is best known for its range of smartphones, including the excellent iPhone 12 (even if the MagSafe Duo wireless charging is not necessarily very efficient). But under the leadership of Tim Cook, new CEO of Apple after the death of Steve Jobs, the connected watch Apple Watch was born. A watch dedicated to health which now benefits from a nice reduction for its fifth generation. The Apple Watch Series 5 is down 19%, below.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is normally sold for 449 euros and, with its 19% drop noted at the time of this writing, on November 19 at 9 p.m., drops to 359.67 euros. Without forgetting that the connected watch also benefits from promotional codes available at this address. The Apple Watch Series 5 is, as always, dedicated to health and runs on watchOS. The connected watch obviously has its heart rate monitor on the wrist, as well as a GPS and water resistance up to 50 meters for those who like to dive. You will be able to link the Apple Watch Series 5 to your smartphone, like the iPhone 11 now on sale.


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