Apple Watch Saves User Who ‘Didn’t Notice’ Heart Attack


Apple Watch: After identifying the fall of an elderly user and calling the emergency service, Apple Watch helped save another life in danger in the United States. This time, the Apple smart watch alerted a woman to the occurrence of a possible heart attack, as reported by the WZZM channel this Monday (5).

A Norton Shore, Michigan resident, Diane Feenstra received an alert of 169 heartbeats per minute from her gadget. Suspicious that she was not exercising, she called the doctor, who immediately referred her to the hospital.

When taking an EKG, the result was surprising: she had a heart attack but didn’t notice. On the same day, Feenstra had felt pain in the shoulder, left hand and chest, symptoms associated with the heart attack, but ignored the signs and only acted after notification of the device from Apple.

Tests carried out over the next few days allowed doctors to discover that the woman had a clogged artery, needing to undergo stent implantation, a type of treatment for coronary artery disease. The case took place in April, when the procedure took place, and she is currently doing well.

don’t underestimate the symptoms

The user saved by Apple Watch’s heartbeat alert said no one should underestimate the signals from the body or technology. “It’s so easy to check your heart rate. If I hadn’t done it that morning, I could have suffered another fatal heart attack,” she commented.

To keep her health up to date, she exercises, eats healthy and drinks green juice daily, in addition to using her watch, which was a gift from her husband a month before the problem.

According to the American Heart Association, only 12% of people survive a “Widowmaker” heart attack, as in the case of Feenstra, when it happens outside a hospital setting.


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