Apple Watch prototype leaks showing previous software


The Apple Watch is currently one of the most coveted smartwatches on the market, be it for its design, software features or simply for its integration with the apple product ecosystem, which provides greater convenience for its users.

But it was not always the way we know it – before it became a commercial product, the smart watch on the apple went through stages of development, which resulted in several prototypes.

Apple is a company that keeps its secrets very well but, inevitably, sometimes some information or other ends up “slipping”, for our delight and entertainment. And that’s what happened to an Apple Watch prototype.

Usually Apple’s product prototypes are destroyed, but somehow it managed to escape, showing us not only a strange cover disguising its design but also curious pre-watchOS software.

The product photos were published by the Twitter profile Apple Demo, and show that the product did not even have the iconic digital crown yet, with only two buttons on the side and another that resembles a Home button on the front.

The photos show a software that makes reference to the historic Apple Lisa, and we even have Lisa Simpson as an embryonic stage clock icon. We remind you that some time ago a supposed prototype of the Watch also emerged for sale on eBay.

We often end up forgetting how laborious and demanding the product development process is. The Apple Watch in all its glory was not always like that, and it shows that every product evolves (or, at least, it should) over time.

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