Apple Watch May Have Blood Pressure, Glucose And Sleep Monitoring


Apple Watch: A report published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Wednesday (1) states that health sensors remain in the spotlight of the Apple Watch. Among the new features that can be included in the wearable are blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking and measurement of blood glucose and body temperature.

Despite the expectation around new features, the Apple Watch Series 7 will still lack these features. The device, which faces production delays and is expected to ship by the end of September, is focused on a new iPhone-like design and a faster processor.

Health Sensors on Apple Watch

For the Apple Watch Series 8, the company invests in sensors capable of detecting advanced sleep patterns, such as apnea. This function would improve the device’s competitiveness to face competition from the latest wearables from companies such as Fitbit. However, Big Tech’s smart watch may be limited due to battery life.

Apple also plans to include a feature on the watch to detect diabetes, the report says. The company says it is “struggle” with this process, however, and has not made much progress in efforts in recent years.

By 2022, the Apple Watch Series 8 might support measuring a person’s temperature, but it would require installing a new sensor. The device could even be used to identify the fertile period, giving women clues about their ovulation cycle.


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