Apple Watch Helps Save the Life of a 92-Year-Old Man Falling Down the Ladder


The life of a man who fell from a height of about 7 meters in the United States was saved when Apple Watch automatically notified the authorities. The hip bone of the 92-year-old man broke with the decline.

We witnessed one of the biggest examples of how a technological product we use every day can play a role in our lives. A 92-year-old retired farmer came to life in the United States in Nebraska, thanks to Apple Watch.

92-year-old Jim Salsman had a pretty bad accident. When Salsman was about 7 meters high, he fell from the ladder he was on. Thanks to the Apple Watch attached to his wrist, the old man survived the death, even if he had a bad injury.

Apple Watch automatically notified the authorities:

Attached to Salsman’s wrist, the Apple Watch immediately detected that Salsman had fallen thanks to the fall alarm system inside. Apple Watch reported the fall of Salsman to the authorized units, and the teams that received the notification soon reached where Salsman fell. So Salsman got rid of a more serious risk of injury and even death.

Jim Salsman, who fell from the ladder as a result of a strong wind blowing suddenly, began to crawl towards his own vehicle when he fell to the ground, but he reached Siri via Apple Watch as the distance between the vehicle was too long. Apple Watch had already done this before Salsman told Siri to call the authorities. The smart watch also sent Salsman’s location information.

Jim Salsman only managed to get out of the sharp drop he experienced with a broken hip bone and he owes it to Apple Watch to a large extent. Apple’s smartwatch had saved several people’s lives before Salsman. The smart watch sensed that someone like Salsman had fallen to the ground and called for help, and determined the heart condition of an 80-year-old person and informed the authorities.

Apple’s successful smartwatch, Apple Watch, will have even more features in the future. According to what we have heard so far, Apple Watch 6, which will be the next hour, will come with features such as panic attack detection, blood oxygen level detection and sleep monitoring.


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