Apple Watch helps Police find suspected theft in RS


An Apple Watch helped to arrest a suspected theft in the city of Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul. Through the location of the smart watch, the Civil Police managed to find the address where the individual was.

In the early hours of March 27, 2021, three armed men wearing uniforms from the Brazilian Army surrendered the victim at his home and stole several objects. Among them, the smartwatch and a BMW X4 vehicle.

Using Apple’s location feature, investigators were able to find the address where one of the suspects was hiding. Upon arriving at the scene, the individual’s sister’s home, all objects stolen from the victim’s home were located.

In addition to the items subtracted, the Brazilian Army uniforms that were used during the assault were also found. With that, the Civil Police managed to recover the objects in less than 24 hours after the crime.

Recognized by the victim, the suspect, only 20 years old, had already been seen by the police for crimes of theft, homicide, drug trafficking, disobedience and threat. Unfortunately, the other two suspects remain at large.

Using the Search application

Although the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul does not mention the information, it is possible to state that the investigators used the Find application. That’s because the Apple Watch should be connected with an iPhone or other branded device.

With this feature enabled, you can use your smartphone to find the location of the device – as long as it is not turned off. So, here’s a tip for people who use the smart watch or any other Apple product.


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