Apple Watch helps police find kidnapped woman

We have already seen interesting cases involving the smart watch of the apple – the Apple Watch, which can assist in the diagnosis of COVID-19, has already been able to save some lives by accusing health conditions that deserved attention, however, this time the wearable aided a user of a different way.

In a recent case in Selma, a lesser-known city located in the state of Texas (United States), Watch was able to help authorities find a woman who had been kidnapped, all thanks to a call made directly from the watch to the victim’s daughter.

The police, who were called by the victim’s daughter, were able to use the call data (the ping from the cellular network) to locate the mother who, according to the girl, had argued with Adalberto Longoria outside the apartment when, suddenly, she was taken away after screaming for help.

Fifteen minutes after the kidnapping, the woman used her watch to call the child saying that she had been kidnapped and that she was at risk of death, but the call was abruptly interrupted.

Authorities were able to track the call data and pinpoint where the victim was – the woman was in a car in a parking lot, but the man who kidnapped her had fled the scene.

Apparently, he was drunk when it all happened. According to the victim, the fight was motivated by the vehicle, which she had asked the man to sell.

He would then have asked the woman to get things out of the car when, suddenly, she saw him get in and take her away without her consent .v

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