Apple Watch Helps Doctor Deliver During US Flight


Apple Watch: The emergency delivery of a baby who was born prematurely during a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Hawaii, in the United States, was successful with the help of a happy coincidence and improvised technological equipment: an Apple Watch.

According to broadcaster KHON2, the case happened on April 28 and involved the birth of Raymond Mounga, who is now doing well. The mother, Lavinia, did not know that she was pregnant and was going to Hawaii to vacation with the family when she went into labor. The child was born after 29 weeks of gestation, when the term considered traditional would be 40 weeks.

Luckily, on the same flight was Dr. Dale Glenn, a specialist in family medicine, and three nurses who work in a neonatal ICU.

In improvisation

The procedure took three hours and involved improvised equipment. Water bottles were heated in the microwave to keep the baby’s temperature stable, while an Apple Watch was used to check the child’s heart rate.

The Apple device has made news several times because of health monitoring mechanisms – from the fall detector to the identification of cardiac irregularities.

According to the broadcaster, baby Raymond should remain in hospital for a few more days, but he is healthy. The medical team, who applauded the flight, has already visited him at the hospital.


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