Apple Watch Heart Rate Tracking Sends Hospitals for Vain


The heart rate monitoring feature of Apple Watch guided many users to the hospital. A very small proportion of the people alerted by the system actually had heart problems.

Technology companies are trying to direct their products to a different position than the products offered by their competitors by focusing on different areas in their new products. In health, which is one of these areas, Apple makes a name for itself with its innovations.

The company’s Apple Watch smart watches also have heart rate control and heart status tracking. This feature can direct users that they think are at risk to hospitals. On the other hand, the warning given by the feature is not always meaningful.

The sheer number of unnecessary warnings draws attention

According to a new study, Apple Watch recommends doctor visits for unnecessarily many people. While roughly 10 percent of the visits have been diagnosed with cardiovascular health problems, the remaining warnings have no response.

According to the results of the research, devices that provide health monitoring at home can cause health systems to be used more often than necessary. Heather Heaton from Mayo Clinical Medical College, who conducted the study, states that this can be very costly for both patients and the system.

Studies conducted at Mayo Clinic’s facilities in Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin and Iowa focused on how often the word Apple Watch was pronounced in the six-month period between December 2018 and April 2019. This was the time when Apple Watch’s new heart health tracking feature first appeared.

Only 30 patients identified

Researchers studied the condition of 264 patients. As a result, only 30 patients were diagnosed with cardiac problems. 58 of these patients also had a known health problem. 41 patients spoke specifically about the alarm of the clock.

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According to the researchers, there are false verifications under this situation. In other words, the test can be positive, even if the result is negative. In particular, such errors in evaluation cause data to be collected incorrectly and evaluations to be erroneous.

We have seen that new technologies have such problems before. As time progresses, these features will develop and become more accurate.


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