Apple Watch feature to delight Spotify users


After months of testing, Spotify brings the most important feature to the Apple Watch. Users have been asking Spotify to provide the ability to listen to music directly from the wearable device via an internet connection. That way, it wouldn’t be necessary to stick with the iPhone. Spotify announced that it has begun to offer streaming capability that enables this.

It’s been a few years since Spotify launched the Apple Watch app. However, since there are not many important features, the application cannot go beyond remotely controlling the track playing on the iPhone.

However, in September, things started to appear to change. Some Spotify users have seen a feature released as a beta feature that allows them to listen to tracks directly from their wrists.

Spotify has recently begun to offer this feature quietly to everyone. This is evident from the increase in status reports from Spotify users stating that they are able to stream music directly through their Apple Watch. Users can listen to podcasts or music over Wi-Fi or cellular connection without the need for their iPhone.

Users also note that they can directly access their music library and the latest running content. However, the Apple Watch app does not seem to be able to call yet. For this reason, Siri must be used to access other content.

Spotify announced to Engadget in September that the ability to listen to music on the Spotify on the Apple Watch has entered the testing phase. It is not yet known how long it will take all users to benefit from this feature.

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