Apple Watch detects COVID-19 even before falling ill


COVID-19 is the reason why many will remember 2020 and also the beginning of 2021. The pandemic continues on everyone’s lips with all the numbers that come and go of infections and deaths, of measures and of the progress of vaccination like some of the hottest topics. But one of the big concerns is whether or not you have the virus and some scientists have found a key to use the Apple Watch to detect COVID-19 before falling ill.

The Apple Watch is capable of detecting COVID-19

One thing must be clear before starting and that is that it is all about an investigation that has been carried out for this purpose. It is specifically called Warrior Watch and has been carried out by Mount Sinai researchers. From last April 2020 to September, a total of 297 people who used the Apple Watch and some special apps became part of this study.

According to statements collected by Engadget about study author Robert P. Hirten, MD, “the watch showed significant changes in HRV metrics up to seven days before people had a positive nasal swab confirming COVID-infection. 19 “. In essence, an analysis of the heart rate sensor would help to recognize a reduction in heart rate characteristic of the disease. Hence even an asymptomatic person could know that he has incubated the virus.

Tests with other models

Another thing that the medium highlights is that not only Apple Watch has been used for this work. He points out that in a study at Stanford University he found another piece of information and that is that there were changes in the heart rate at rest. This occurred up to nine and a half days before the onset of the disease and data was collected from other devices from other brands that were not from the bitten apple.

However, everything indicates that there is a common factor and it is the low heart rate that the gadgets receive. It may not be much, but this could help you recognize a COVID symptom with the smartwatch on your wrist. Otherwise, the only thing that can help you is to follow the recommendations to avoid the spread of the virus, more now than ever.


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