Apple Watch can help detect COVID-19


We know that the COVID-19 tests are not accessible to everyone and, at this moment, it is capable of many even being contaminated and asymptomatic and not even knowing their own situation.

But if you own an Apple Watch (or smartwatch / smart bracelet capable of monitoring your heart rate), there is a chance to know your condition just by analyzing a few vital signs.

According to new studies released recently by CBS News and carried out by Mount Sinai Health System at New York and Stanford Universities, subtle changes in heartbeat can appear up to seven days before symptoms or a positive result.

The study looked at the variation in heart rate of nearly 300 front-line health workers who used Apple Watch between April 29 and September 29 last year, which is a common practice to monitor the immune system’s response time as well.

A different study, but with similar purposes, is being carried out at Stanford in November, including people using Fitbit and Garmin trackers, in addition to the Apple wearable.

And it came to the conclusion that these types of wearable devices can point to changes in heart rate when at rest for up to nine and a half days before symptoms start to appear or tests are positive.

The researchers were able to identify nearly two-thirds of COVID-19 cases a week before the first symptoms appeared.

These two studies are extremely important because they can end up filling the gaps when there are failures in the tests or places where they are so easily accessible to everyone.

The article makes it clear that Apple did not sponsor or participate in these studies, however, other manufacturers ended up funding similar studies.


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